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23 years of experience in the regulation of food products.

Regularium was born from a partnership and friendship between Julia Coutinho and Máisa Neves, both nutritionists and specialists in health surveillance and over 20 years of experience in the food regulatory area.


Regularium's objective and differential is the use of experience as a complement to technical knowledge for the assertiveness of results. Focus on efficiency, effectiveness and results.

Inclusion of New
Ingredients / Additives
Registration of Food Supplements
Technical Consulting Together with ANVISA and MAPA

Our Story


We are Nutritionists graduated from the University of Brasilia. I, Júlia, graduated first, in 1999, and had been interning for more than 1 year in the regulatory area. In 2002, I already coordinated the regulatory area of ​​the company where I worked, I selected Máisa for the internship. She learned very fast and had great English. She devoured scientific articles, and soon became a full advisor.


Since then, we complement each other: I have a more external eye, on the client, on fundraising, prospecting, participation in fairs and lectures , and she on technical and scientific support. With a degree in law, Máisa also works in defenses related to sanitary infractions and administrative resources.


We specialize in sanitary surveillance of food at the University of Brasilia , and a few years later, I chose to study the pharmaceutical area a bit, doing a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical industrial technology , which has been very valuable in the regulatory framework of supplements. Máisa chose to specialize in Functional Nutrition in order to improve knowledge about the use of bioactive compounds in food in clinical practice, which gives us a broader view of the ingredients and foods we regulate.

After so many years of work and growth together, coordinating interns and training new professionals in the regulatory area, we are confident and decided that the best way was to open the company , which was born with our experience of more than 20 years of experience in consulting , and is ready to assist our customers. 


Julia Coutinho


Executive Director - Nutritionist specialized in health surveillance, industrial pharmaceutical technology and regulatory of food, ingredients and beverages - Partner and Founder of Regularium.


Máisa Tapajós


Technical Director - Nutritionist and Lawyer, Specialist in health surveillance of food, ingredients and beverages - Partner and Founder of Regularium


"Máisa is an extremely competent and qualified professional. He has a critical view and detailed knowledge of the current health legislation, and his contributions and participation in the process that we conducted in partnership before was extremely important. In addition, he is a person of great interpersonal relationships, which is essential in this area of ​​expertise. Working with Máisa is really a differentiator for the success of the projects, because she challenges us in all possible scenarios so that we can prepare ourselves in the best way in our claims. Thank you!!"

Kelly Seligman

Amyris Biotechnology from Brazil


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